Passion Fuels Purpose! 

A dedicated software engineer and technology enthusiast with a rich background spanning over 5 years in the industry. My work involves architecting cutting-edge solutions, empowering businesses to thrive in the digital age.

About me

Beyond my professional journey, I am deeply passionate about mentorship. I find immense joy in guiding and nurturing fellow engineers, helping them navigate their own paths to success. Whether it's through coding, problem-solving, or career advice, I'm committed to supporting and inspiring the next generation of tech talent.

My fascination with technology extends beyond the confines of my work. I'm an active contributor to the open-source community, continually seeking meaningful projects to collaborate on. The opportunity to give back to the global tech community drives me, and I believe in the power of collective innovation.

Beyond the world of code, I'm captivated by entrepreneurship and the dynamic landscape of the financial market. These interests fuel my curiosity and reinforce my belief that diverse experiences enrich our perspective, fostering creativity and adaptability.

I'm a firm believer that technology should not only solve problems but also enhance the human experience. Whether it's creating stunning, user-friendly web apps or architecting robust cloud infrastructure, I'm committed to excellence. Let's embark on a journey of innovation and explore the endless possibilities that technology offers.


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  • Software Engineer @IDeaS

    2021-Present | Pune, India

    • Revamped Legacy Struts into Lazy-Loaded Angular Modules: Spearheaded the migration of Struts-based components into lazy-loaded Angular app modules. This transformation significantly improved the user experience, providing faster load times and seamless navigation.
    • Monorepo Migration for Enhanced Code Sharing: Led the migration of the company-wide Angular application into a monorepo structure. This initiative fostered a shared codebase across the organization, promoting code reusability and reducing redundancy.
    • Implementation of One UI Design Language: Successfully implemented the One UI design language, ensuring a consistent and uniform user interface across applications. This initiative enhanced the user experience and strengthened the brand identity.
    • Effective Mentorship of Interns: Took on the role of mentoring interns, nurturing their skills and potential. This mentorship resulted in their professional growth and the delivery of high-quality contributions to projects.
    • Migration to AWS and Dockerization: Orchestrated the migration of applications from on-premise servers to AWS cloud infrastructure. Additionally, dockerized the entire Spring Boot application, streamlining deployment processes and enhancing scalability.

  • Android Engineer @Appscrip

    2020 - 2021 | Remote

    • Developed a search module: Allowed users to search for products and stores based on their location, leading to increased engagement and sales.
    • Created a user-friendly slot module: Enabled customers to choose their preferred delivery times, resulting in higher satisfaction and repeat business.
    • Built a live order tracking module: Provided real-time updates on order status and navigation, leading to increased trust in the platform and repeat business.
    • Improved app stability: Reduced crashes by 73% through thorough testing and better test case coverage, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction.
    • Optimized app performance: Reduced APK size by over 55%, resulting in faster and smoother performance and increased revenue for the team.
    • Mentored junior developers: Guided them on best coding practices, leading to improved skills and more efficient development work.

  • Android Developer @K12

    2018-2020 | Bangalore, India

    • Collaborated with cross-functional teams: Worked closely with product managers, UI & UX designers, and fellow developers to develop a cutting-edge application for the Arduino. This collaboration resulted in a highly functional and user-friendly solution.
    • Utilized Java and C++ with MVVM architecture: Employed Java and C++ programming languages within an MVVM architecture, leading to the development of a robust and scalable application.
    • Implemented an Arduino Compiler: Designed and implemented an Arduino Compiler using Java Native Interface (JNI), resulting in efficient and reliable code compilation.
    • Created a drag-and-drop module: Designed and integrated a drag-and-drop module, allowing users to write code intuitively by dragging and dropping components.
    • Ensured high-quality code and stability: Conducted thorough testing and debugging to ensure the delivery of high-quality code and a stable application. This meticulous approach resulted in a reliable and error-free user experience.
    • Maintained effective communication: Maintained clear and open communication with team members and stakeholders throughout the development process. This communication style fostered a collaborative and efficient work environment.